Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What to do with a quilt gone wrong!

OK Quilters! You know exactly what I'm talking about! How many of you have made quilt blocks that look fabulous but when you go to sew them together something is wrong? Well, that's just what happened to me! Yes, even experts screw up!

I saw The Missouri Star Quilt Company did an hour glass quilt so of course I wanted to make one! I make everything they do!

I wanted to make a very basic table runner for Christmas. I decided to make an hour glass pattern. It's made up of half square triangles. Although it's easy, it can be tedious and that's what gets me every time!

So I ended up with rows and rows to sew together but as soon as I went to line them up, yep, uneven! These are not the types of squares that you can get away with that! So here I was left with rows and rows!

I had a total of 18 rows! So what the heck do I do with them? I grouped them into 4's thinking I would make a table topper. Then I couldn't find enough fabric to boarder it! AH! Ready to throw in the towel? Nope! Not yet!
So what if I just do 1 strip? Nice on an end table right? BINGO! Great way to use up a little bit of scraps on the boarder and binding too!
Add some boarders
and binding and before you know it....
So now I have enough to make one for every single person in my family for Christmas. That's not going to happen but I have enough :)
When you want to try a new block or your strips don't line up well all hope is not gone! Turn it into a runner or a mug rug and no one will ever know you didn't mean to do that in the first place!