Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Art of Candle Making Straight from the Artist

The Art of Candle Making- Straight from the Artist
      Would you believe me if I told you candles dated back to the ancient Egyptians? Well, it's true. How else could they see in those pyramid tunnels? There are not many items we have in our homes today that were used in 3,000 B.C. Actually, I can't think of one other than candles. According to the Ancient Romans are credited with using candles even before the ancient Egyptians. This post is quickly getting older and older. Today, many people enjoy the scent of candles and the warmth and comfort they provide. Many people have memories associated with scents. That classic "Pine" scent may spark a memory of snow falling at Christmas as a child. Or how about the smell of Mom making an apple pie? We can bring many scents into our homes without ever turning on the oven or chopping down a tree. 
      Crafters and DIYer's have gained popularity in the last decade. One of my favorite sayings is, " Why buy it for $20 when you can make it for $80?"  If you are a crafter or an artist you know this is true. Many people have grown hobbies into successful businesses right out of their homes. One of the most popular hobby to business ventures people take is candle making. Why? That's easy; because it's easy! Now, don't confuse easy with fast because candle making is not fast by any means. It is time consuming, very time consuming but the difficulty level is low. Jenny Rose over at I'd Rather Be Soaping explains her candle making process. She has a ton of great information here from where to buy your supplies to a list of supplies to purchase and even what to do if your wax melts in transit! If you are thinking about candle making you will want to visit her blog. 
      For me, candle making was a compliment to my business. I have always loved primitives, log cabins, civil war quilts and just about anything else that looks old. Ok, well maybe not wrinkles, those just make ME look old. I didn't have much time to invest in a great new idea but I needed something that would pay my rent in my small rental space in a local shop. I know you are giving me the one eyed look right now because I just told you candles take a long time but I got into candles because I didn't have much time. Well, let me explain!  Candles are very time consuming. They take up a lot of space, they have a long drying time, each wick needs to be trimmed and each candle needs a label. With that being said, I usually make candles in batches of 100 and they will be completed over two days. On day one I melt the wax, add my fragrances and dyes, place the wicks, pour the wax and let them dry. On day two I trim the wicks, lid all of the candles and place the labels. If you have ever made 100 cookies for a cookie exchange you can relate. It is much easier to make 100 candles over two days than 10 candles every day for 10 days. 
         Candle making is pretty straight forward. It is a great hobby or business venture for someone who likes to make things but may not have that creative eye. You have a set of instructions to follow and you must follow them to have a great product. For the out-of-the-box thinkers, candles can still be fun for you. Think of the different scents and colors you could mix together to get your own special blend. Or how about the different containers? Angela over at Coffee Cups and Daisies uses vintage tea cups for her candle holders. 
     The next time you visit your local Brick and Mortar or your farmers market and you see a candle maker there you will now know the time that went into making those candles. You will also know that he or she practices an art almost as old as dirt but you might now want to mention that. 
     If you would like to see my candles please visit my shop One Old Stitch.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Countdown to Halloween

Day 3 

I know, I know! It's really Day 5 and I am only on Day 3!!! Well... there's a darn good excuse for that! I found a great retail marketplace last week and guess what? I moved it!!! Yeah! So that means my weekend was busy with tagging and inventory and all of the boring stuff that goes along with owning your own business. Ok, ok, enough of that. You just want to make a quick, cheap and easy card! 

Before we get started remember that all of my tutorials are on also on my YouTube Channel Subscribe for updates! 

This quick and easy card will have you EEKKKIIINNNGGG in no time. Very basic and minimal supplies ( just how I like it!) you can adjust this to the supplies you already have and be sure to use up those scraps! 

Here are the paper sizes you will need:

Card base: 8 1/2x5 1/2
Solid background (grey) 5 1/4X 4
Black 5X 3 3/4
Inside light colored card stock  5 1/4x4
Pattern paper- enough to cover the back of your punched image

Fold your card base in half and attach the grey card stock. Using a punch or die cut, cut out your negative image from the black card stock and use an embossing folder to emboss. Tape your patterned paper behind your cut out image. I used an EK Success punch for the spider and a Darice embossing folder for the web. 

Tape your ribbon around the embossed black card stock. 

Stamp your sentiment, border it with 1/4 larger background and attach.  Don't forget to add a lighter color to the inside of the card for your message! 5 1/4X4

See! Quick and easy! 

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Countdown to Halloween

Day 1 and 2

October is here! I love the colors, I love the crisp air and apples. I love everything about except for this stinkin' rain! You know what rain brings? Yep! More time to craft!!!  Here are two of my latest cards with full tutorials on my YouTube Channel

Monday, March 24, 2014

Pin cushion trash bag combo pattern

Where to put all of those threads???

When you are done sewing do you look at the ground and think to yourself," Wow, what a great birds nest that would make!" I do! I had threads everywhere every time I was on a sewing streak. That's why I made one of these! I have seen them here and there and even at one of my scrapbooking retreats. I decided I needed one ( Ok, I have seven.....) and so the pattern was born! Oh and did I mention it has a pin cushion on the top??? It is nice and easy to make and requires only a little bit of fabric. If you are interested in the pattern it can be purchased and downloaded instantly in my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What to do with a quilt gone wrong!

OK Quilters! You know exactly what I'm talking about! How many of you have made quilt blocks that look fabulous but when you go to sew them together something is wrong? Well, that's just what happened to me! Yes, even experts screw up!

I saw The Missouri Star Quilt Company did an hour glass quilt so of course I wanted to make one! I make everything they do!

I wanted to make a very basic table runner for Christmas. I decided to make an hour glass pattern. It's made up of half square triangles. Although it's easy, it can be tedious and that's what gets me every time!

So I ended up with rows and rows to sew together but as soon as I went to line them up, yep, uneven! These are not the types of squares that you can get away with that! So here I was left with rows and rows!

I had a total of 18 rows! So what the heck do I do with them? I grouped them into 4's thinking I would make a table topper. Then I couldn't find enough fabric to boarder it! AH! Ready to throw in the towel? Nope! Not yet!
So what if I just do 1 strip? Nice on an end table right? BINGO! Great way to use up a little bit of scraps on the boarder and binding too!
Add some boarders
and binding and before you know it....
So now I have enough to make one for every single person in my family for Christmas. That's not going to happen but I have enough :)
When you want to try a new block or your strips don't line up well all hope is not gone! Turn it into a runner or a mug rug and no one will ever know you didn't mean to do that in the first place!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Make it Monday

Today I took a break from sewing, scrapbooking and card making. I have an awful cold so I cuddled up on the couch this afternoon and crocheted! The hardest part was finding something to watch! Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling better so I can get back to my list! I am dying to make a jelly roll race quilt top!  I have a boot topper pattern for sale in my Etsy shop!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Simon Says Stamp Challenge

Well I guess I am enjoying these challenges! Today I am submitted this card for the Simon Says Stamp challenge.  I LOVE this card and even though it's early, we need to start working on our Christmas cards!